Sleepers Reclaimed Sleepers
Reclaimed Railway Sleepers
These hardwood railway sleepers are imported by The Sleeper People Ltd direct from European Railway companies. Generally of Oak, they are cleaned and graded before being shipped to our yard or direct to customers in full artic loads of 300 pieces.

Dimensions: 160mm x 250mm

Length: 2.6m

Price: *TEMPORARILY Out of Stock*

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Important Notice

E .U. regulations stipulate that timber treated with Creosote may not be used:-

  • Inside buildings (whatever the use)
  • In toys
  • In playgrounds
  • In parks, gardens or any outdoor recreational facilities where there is a risk of frequent skin contact
  • In the manufacture of garden furniture such as picnic tables
  • For the manufacture of any container intended for growing purposes
  • As packaging that may come into contact with raw materials
  • As intermediate or finished products intended for human or animal consumption
  • As other materials that may contaminate any of the above

Reclaimed Sleepers
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