The Sleeper People Ltd are an environmentally conscious company and are fully committed to supplying sleepers from managed and renewable sources where ever possible. To which end we have achieved full FSCR chain of custody certification for some of our product lines. Our FSC Trademark licence number is FSCRC007915.

FSC And PEFC Chain of Custody Certification

The Forestry stewardship council (FSC) and the Program for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification Schemes (PEFC) are the worldwide governing bodies for the certification of forestry products.

The Sleeper People Ltd have achieved Chain of Custody Certification with both these bodies.

In effect this means we can give written proof that certified products are from renewable or recycled sources and that an unbroken chain of custody exists from forest to customer.

Please state when ordering if you require certified Timber so as we may deliver the appropriate product.

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